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A Fragile Peace is an adventure seed for Legend of the Five Rings where the players will try to avoid a war between two rival neighbouring families, investigate the causes of an unusually poor rice harvest, and find a curse that got out of control.


A_Fragile_Peace_1PageAdv_L5R.pdf 196 kB


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Repeating my comment from the l5r gamejam rating page:

This one is pretty good - well laid out, a sidebar to describe the characters for quick reference which is great.

Honestly you could take this, add a picture or two, a statblock for the oni and a cover and you'd have a nice adventure module.


Thanks Darkest Kale! We're glad that you liked it :)

In addition to the oni, we thought that we would like to add a list of suggestions for supernatural events for the Rising Action part. We'll perhaps update it if we get to GM it to our group.


I'm currently trying to see if I can squeeze this in as a session for the Unicorn campaign I'm kicking off tomorrow night, but dealing with this situation might diffuse the urgency of going after the stolen item that's the main focus of the campaign, so it may not work.

I'll have a think.

Either way, I'd be really curious to see the work if you decide to expand it!

Hi Darkest Kale, sorry for the delay in replying!

We are absolutely honored that you would consider to use our adventure seed in your campaign!
Since some weeks have passed, how has it been? We hope your Unicorn campaign went great.

Let us know if you used our adventure seed in the end, we would be happy to hear your stories and feedback.

We will let you know if (when) we expand it :)